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Operation Cyclone


In the late 1970s, the CIA began to arm, fund, and train radical Islamic terrorists like Osama bin Ladin in a program called "Operation Cyclone." The CIA was not merely aiding resistance to the USSR; they actively supported the most radical elements and molded them into the Mujahedeen. As the war in Afghanistan wound down, these radicalized, well-armed terrorists began to spread over the region, eventually founding Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other radical Islamic terrorism that we still see active today. They don't feel any remorse about this: here is an interview where former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski brags about his role in creating radical Islamic terrorism:

Once this core of radical Islamic terrorism was created, they could be called on whenever the CIA wants to destabilize a nation. When the government decided to destabilize Syria, they simply began arming Al Qaeda in the region. Intelligence officials like Robert Steele have stated that the United States was contributing to ISIS by giving weapons and training to "moderate rebels" that they knew would immediately join ISIS. This was confirmed with the leak of classified documents stating that the US was supporting the opposition in Syria, while also acknowledging Al Qaeda in Iraq (which became ISIS) was one of the major forces driving the opposition.


Operation Condor


Beginning in 1968, the CIA began Operation Condor, which was supposed to be a campaign to stop communist subversion in South America. In reality, it was along campaign of terrorism, assassination, and genocide of anyone who opposed the governments in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. These governments, with US advice and assistance, operated secret jails and torture centers for political dissidents. In many cases, people were flown out to sea, murdered, and their bodies dumped in the ocean. By the end of the reign of terror, an estimated 60,000 people were directly killed, and many more died as a result of the disruptions and unrest that it caused.

Solutions: Cooperative Economic Development and Open Source Intelligence


Akosombo Dam, built jointly by the US and Ghana

The CIA, NSA, and most other intelligence agencies need to be abolished completely. They are rotten to the core, and they have done nothing but abuse human and constitutional rights since their founding. In their place, we need to establish open source intelligence, and share as much information as possible between government, business, and citizens. The legacy of murder and genocide needs to be replaced with a return to the American System of international economic development. The United States can benefit economically by financing, building, and earning a return from cooperative projects with other nations, while creating new jobs for Americans and citizens of other nations. As people of the world see what is possible and demand change, this peaceful cooperation will overthrow far more despotic regimes than the intelligence agencies' legacy of failure and death.

We cannot continue to live under a government that so openly murders innocent people, and refuses to implement nonpartisan, common sense policies that will lead to massive economic growth, surplus funds for both tax cuts and social programs, and peace. Voting for lesser evils is no longer acceptable, it is time for the whole system to be replaced. We must unite behind the need for change, and refuse to support politicians who will not to do the right thing.


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