New Federalist Papers

The New Federalist Papers

Right now, it is possible to achieve the following:

-20% economic growth

-End starvation

-Provide clean drinking water for the whole world

-An end to all taxes without any cuts to government services

-Universal basic income

-End to climate change

Advanced Infrastructure

This is possible by investing in projects such as:


Orbital Ring Space Elevator

Advanced Nuclear Power

Space-Based Solar Power

North American Water and Power Alliance


These projects all rely on existing technology, and are feasible today. Each would have a return in investment in excess of 20% annually. Whole new industries, such as automated recycling and indoor agriculture will result from cheap electricity and transportation. People will be able to go across the world in a few hours for less than $100.

New American System

A City On A Hill

We are uniting to remove the old system of Wall Street Crony Capitalism that only benefits the 1%. We will replace this with a system of American Capitalism that benefits all of its citizens, and moves forward in peaceful cooperation with the whole world. We will be the City On a Hill once more.

You are hereby invited to join the 2nd American Revolution.